Womens Champions League

A Monumental TV Deal For The UWCL

Starting from the upcoming season, the Women’s Champions League will be available to watch on DAZN and YouTube.

Today, UEFA announced a new TV broadcasting deal with streaming platform DAZN to broadcast the Women’s Champions League from 2021 to 2025.

This deal has the potential to bring some excellent exposure to the competition and women’s football in general because for the first two seasons of the deal, fans can watch all the matches on DAZN and for free on DAZN’s YouTube channel. Then in the last two seasons of the deal, 19 matches will still be available to watch for free.

This deal only adds to the excitement surrounding the Champions League as there is a new 16 team format for the upcoming season. The DAZN partnership will help grow the women’s game and will make an impressive competition more accessible for fans across the world.

The increase in accessibility and exposure will benefit the current players and teams as they can showcase their skills and talent to a wider audience, but it will also help to create more role models for young girls and boys growing up.

As DAZN allude to in their ‘We ALL Rise With More Eyes’ video, this exciting new era in women’s football will help to create more stars and will generate even more interest in the Women’s Champions League.

This deal will enable a large audience to see if an incredible Barcelona team can defend their title next season or if they can be challenged by Europe’s elite teams.

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